A historic year in reflection

Wishing all our friends and Supporters and wider Banding family a fabulous Happy New Year! We look forward with excitement and hard work to build on the achievements of last year! We feel blessed as we move forward into 2020 with a full and happy, settled and committed Band. We give thanks to Glyn Williams for the inspirational and musical excellence and guidance over the last two years and look forward to working hard with him through 2020. We also look forward to working with some amazing conductors over the forthcoming months and experience some new musical adventures. We will forever remain though true to our roots of being the Subscription Village Band.You will find us very much at the center of the Village artistic and musical activities… the British Open dates fall this year so we WILL be marching in the carnival 🙂. Bring on 2020 ! #dabchicks #Aldbourneband